During the pre- and post-tours of the 20th International Congress of Ancient Roses, we invite you to discover the fine flower of the country's gardens and historic sites. An exceptional and exclusive programme designed for this 20th International Congress of the Old Rose!

Two regions, one capital: the division is obvious, natural through the Belgian landscapes.

The pre-tour is oriented towards Flanders in the north of the country, as for the post-tour, it is towards the south and the Ardennes that we will direct our attention.


The base of the pre-tour will be located in Ghent, due to the rather central location of this historic city with regard to the Rose! We will see it without delay....


Main tour


Post tour


The World Federation of Rose Societies - Registered Charity N°1063582

Registered office - 25 Park Street - Macclesfield - Cheshire SK11 688 - United Kingdom

Henrianne de Briey, President - 181 Avenue du Prince Héritier - 1200 Brussels - Belgium

SNRB - Les amis de la Rose

Frans Thomas, President - 29 Jesuitenwegel - 9090 Melle - Belgium

Questions about registration and payments? Please contact

Prepared by ROSA BELGICA with the support of Demeures Historiques et Jardins de Belgique and Friends of the Countryside which organizations have access to all the most private and exclusive places of the country

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