The World Federation of Rose Societies is a federation of the national rose societies representing rose lovers around the world.

Our Goal is to expand contact among them and increase the flow of knowledge about the rose and act as a clearing house for rose research.

The objectives of WFRS are to:

- Encourage and facilitate the interchange of information about and knowledge of the rose between national rose societies

- Coordinate the holding of international conventions and exhibitions

- Encourage, and where appropriate, sponsor research into problems concerning the rose

- Establish common standards for judging roses seedlings

- Assist in coordinating the registration of rose names

- Establish a uniform system of rose classification

- Grant international honors and awqrds

- Encourage and advance intrnational cooperation on all maters concerning the rose

President 2018-2021: Henrianne de Gerlache-de Briey


The Belgian Royal and National Rose Society "Les Amis de la Rose"- De Vrienden van de Roos" was founded in 1926 by a great amateur and connoisseur of roses, Mr. Georges van Oost. He concretized by this inititative his desire to spread the love and the culture of the roses, to develop and to encourage all what could contribute to a better knowledge of which is called the "Queen of the Flowers". In 1968, the Belgian Royal National Rose Society was an active member for the founding of WFRS and since then has a cordial relationship with all national rose societies around the world.

President : Frans Thomas


The World Federation of Rose Societies - Registered Charity N°1063582

Registered office - 25 Park Street - Macclesfield - Cheshire SK11 688 - United Kingdom

Henrianne de Briey, President - 181 Avenue du Prince Héritier - 1200 Brussels - Belgium

SNRB - Les amis de la Rose

Frans Thomas, President - 29 Jesuitenwegel - 9090 Melle - Belgium

Questions about registration and payments? Please contact

Prepared by ROSA BELGICA with the support of Demeures Historiques et Jardins de Belgique and Friends of the Countryside which organizations have access to all the most private and exclusive places of the country

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