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Concern the 15th International Heritage Rose conference :

Brussels June 2020



Dear participants, 


I would like to send you all my moral support regarding the COVID -19 and I do hope you and all your family members and /or close friends are all safe  in your country ! 

You registered  to come in Brussels  for the 15th International Heritage Rose Conference organized by the National Belgian Royal Rose Society under the auspices of the WFRS and I would like to thank you very much for your registration.


We are facing a global health crisis unprecedented for decades and we all need to follow strictly safety guidelines which are put in place in each country. We have no idea what to expect in the coming weeks. In Belgium we are on strict confinement / lock down until  April the 5th,  but this will be for sure extended and we dont know yet for how long.   All countries adopt measures but are all in very different stages  regarding  the peaks of the COVID -19  which makes the situation very chaotic .  


The unpredictable aspect of the COVID-19 leads me to take the responsibility to  cancel  the event in june.


You can imagine that this was a difficult decision to make , given the enormous investment and work accomplished to date for a beautiful event worthy of the WFRS  and the Royal National Belgian Rose Society . 

Frans Thomas,  President of the Belgian Rose Society   and myself are very sorry to have to cancel the event but we cannot take any risks for you and for the the lecturers.


Nevertheless if  the event is canceled in 2020,  I do hope that it will be postponed  in the coming years and I will let you know as soon as possible what will be decided at the WFRS level.

We have to respect the rules of the WFRS regarding the planing between different WFRS events and our next World Convention will take place in October 2021 in South Australia.  

In this regard with the  « Force Majeure » situation, we will have a fair discussion  to evaluate the different scenarios possible to reschedule the 15th  Heritage Conference according to the other conventions already planned


Of course the COVID-19 will have consequently strong impacts on the world economy and all this will be analysed to see how the WFRS will manage its activities for the near future.


You will be informed as soon as we can  but in the meantime I encourage you to cancel immediately your flights and your hotel reservation  before the 26 of March 2020.


We decided that the website www.rosabelgica2020.com will still remain active and we have asked the lecturers to post their lecturer  abstract if they wanted. Please feel free to ask any questions  on the rosasbelgica2020@gmail.com e-mail address.


During this time of difficulties and anxieties let’s cultivate and gather our roses as much as we can… 


Many thanks for your understanding.

Keep safe and healthy.

With my very best and  kind regards,


Henrianne de Briey 

WFRS President